About us

What we do

The Department of Volunteers responsible for safeguarding our volunteers while they undertake duties and services on behalf of the Department of Works, or Director General’s Office

Our Purpose

The Department of Volunteers is a Director General’s department which supports the Director General’s Office. We have responsibility for:

We support volunteers in their operational position within the foundation, helping them to contribute to policy-making, strategy and operations.

Our priorities

Our priorities are to:

  • unbiased support to volunteers
  • provide volunteer assistance to other departments
  • manage and maintain the foundation’s volunteer workforce

We work with

We work with many other departments, including:

  • Championship Office
  • Director General’s Office
  • Department of Education
  • Justice Office
  • Department of Environment Affairs
  • Adjudicator’s Office
  • Department of Research and Reform
  • Department of Actuaries

The Department report to:

  • Department of Works


None to display


None to report