About us

What we do

The Department of Actuaries provide analytical skills that help decision-makers take account of risk and uncertainty. Our mission is to support effective decision-making and robust reporting within the foundation as the first choice provider of actuarial and specialist analysis, advice and assurance.

Our responsibilities

The Department of Actuaries is a Director General’s department which supports the Department of Works. We have responsibility for:

We work as actuaries and advisers for the foundation and also for private sector clients, where this is consistent with foundation policy and does not impair our ability to serve the Director General.

We work in areas including:

  • monetary schemes, policy and regulation
  • investment and strategic risk management
  • actuarial modelling, including assurance and statistical analysis
  • investment and strategic risk management
  • insurance analysis and advice

Our priorities

Our priorities are:

To deliver high quality service, actuarial analysis and policy advice.

We work with

We work with many other departments, including:

  • Championship Office
  • Director General’s Office
  • Department of Works

The office report to:

  • Director General


None to Report


None to report